Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Celebration!!!

Our Beloved ParentsFROM US:
Ati & Khairul - Auni - Husna - Aira
Ain & Shaidi - Hannah - Nazmi

Iza & Iqbal
Pictures taken on 6th December 2009... Happy Anniversary to both of you!!!
We love you both so much!!!

On the way tu... masa di Klana Resort, nampak la ade artis tgh photo shooting. Siapa?? Ntah, querci kenal Ezani sorg je. Yg lain2... tak tahu sapa... hehe ... Food kat Kelana Resort not bad. Service pun tiptop. Kata makan kt restoran yg takde a.k.a. tak ramai orang. Overall, Querci rate 4/5 la food dia. Ok, enjoy the pictures of the foooooodddd...

The Presentation
Sizzling BeefRusa Something related to Taufoo... Yummeh~
Much2 rooms inside :) ... n broccoli

Last but not least, they served us with Fruits as compliment. Anyway... thanks to Klana Resort for the great Chineese Dinner

Next trip... Querci teringin makan ayam peri2.. hehehe.. siapa mau bawak...

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